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scales of justice in a courtroom

Staff of the District Attorney's Office:

LORI PETTIT RIEMAN, District Attorney

WM.PRESTON MARSHALL, First Assistant District Attorney 

BETTY L. WILLIAMS, Secretary to District Attorney, Voice: (716) 938-2220

MARCY L. ZALEWSKI, Confidential Law Secretary, Voice: (716) 938-2221

DANIEL E. WAASDORP, Criminal Investigator, Voice: (716) 938-2364

CLARK O. PARRY, Criminal Investigator, Voice: (716) 938-2223



Assistant District Attorneys

KELLY BALCOM, Assistant District Attorney, Voice: (716) 982-2649
Serves: Allegany (Town), Ashford, Carrollton, Ellicottville, Hinsdale, Ischua, Machias, Olean (Town), Portville (Village), Randolph

PRIMARY CONTACT:  KELLY BALCOM, Assistant District Attorney, Voice: (716) 982-2649
Serves: Conewango, Dayton, Otto, East Otto, Leon, Mansfield, Napoli, New Albion, Perrysburg, Persia, South Dayton

JIA-CHIR CHIU, Assistant District Attorney: New-Training

JESSICA UNGARO, Voice: (716) 254-0435
Serves: Olean City Court, Town of Salamanca, Town of Humphrey, Town of Little Valley, Town of Great Valley, Town of South Valley, Town of Franklinville, Village of Portville

JOSH FRANK, Assistant District Attorney, Voice: (716) 431-2199
Serves: City of Salamanca, Village of Allegany, Town of Freedom, Town of Farmersville, Town of Portville, Town of Yorkshire, Town of Ellicottville

Town & Village Prosecutors (Traffic Infractions)

Allegany Town:  Bert Dohl (716) 945-3060

Allegany Village:  Mike Burke (716) 375-5130

Ashford:  Bridget Marshall

Carrollton:  Kelly Balcom

Coldspring:  Bridget Marshall

East Otto:  Jim Musacchio (716) 532-3351

Ellicottville Town:  

Farmersville:  Josh Frank

Franklinville:  Michael Klima (716) 325-1426

Freedom:  Robert Kutzuba (585) 492-1460

Great Valley:  Bridget Marshall

Hinsdale:  Mike Burke (716) 375-5130

Ischua:  Kelly Balcom

Little Valley:  Bridget Marshall

Lyndon:  Josh Frank 

Machias:  Kelly Balcom

Mansfield:  Matthew Swenson (716) 945-2000

Olean Town:  Kelly Balcom

Perrysburg:  Rachel Mitchell (716) 532-2465

Persia:  Jim Musacchio (716) 532-3351

Portville Town:  

Portville Village: 

Randolph: Bridget Marshall 

Salamanca Town: 

South Dayton Town: John Grennel, Esq.

South Dayton Village: John Grennel,Esq.